Telefax Super Hair Tonic No. 1

Most people are born with about 100,000 hair follicles. As they age, the density of the hair drops. At 80, the hair density drops to about half of that of a baby’s. Hence, losing hair is a natural aging process.

The usual reason for premature hair loss is shortening of the hair growth cycle. Hair grows in 3 stages:

1) Anagen stage – High metabolic activity in the hair bulb produces fully grown hairs;
2) Catagen stage – The base of the follicle migrates upward toward the skin surface;
3) Telogen stage – a new hair begins to grow beneath the follicle and pushes the old hair follicle upward and out of the skin.

Balding happens when a premature fallen hair is not replaced by a new hair follicle at the telogen stage. Because of this, the open hair follicle is blocked by oil or dirt, and the new hair cannot grow out to the surface.

In some men, testosterone related DHT is produced by the body and causes the shrinkage of the hair follicles, thus causing permanent hair loss.

To help prevent hair loss, Telefax Super Hair Tonic provides nutrients for the growing hair and enhances healthy growth. It also dissolves the oil and dirt that would otherwise block the open pores. New hair is thus allowed to grow to the skin surface. It keeps the scalp clean by killing bacteria that damages hair follicles. Meanwhile, the effect of DHT is diminished by the herbal ingredients in the Telefax Super Hair Tonic.

Directions: After shampooing and blow drying, simply apply Telefax Super Hair Tonic onto the scalp. Massage in and then groom hair as usual. Keep hair clean by washing frequently with mild shampoo. Consistent and regular use of Telefax gives rewarding results.