Telefax Speedy Hair Blacking Cream

Grey hair is a sign of aging. Unfortunately, some young men and women at their 30′s or 40′s are already showing this premature aging sign. Grey hair not only ruins your image, it also brings self-doubt and insecurity. Very often hair dyes of phenylenediamine-based products are used to restore dark hair color. However, they are clumsy to use and may cause severe allergic reaction. Some people are also allergic to ammonia which is a key ingredient in most hair color products. Repeat usage of such products for many years will result in brittle and dry hair. Coupled with perming, many ladies would experience premature hair loss and balding. Moreover, in animal studies, some form of phenylenediamine have been found to cause cancer in female mice; and black hair dyes contain high concentrations of phenylenediamine. The color control of such hair dyes is difficult and one can produce a very unnatural looking pitch black color, a tell-tale sign of hair dyeing. During application, great care has to be used to avoid staining the face. Then one has to wait 15 minutes or more and shampoo off the dye. Shampooing is also time consuming and dirty looking. Some men use progressive hair dyes containing lead acetate, a compound that can be potentially harmful to health if accumulation occurs in the body. The darkening process is long and demands patience.

Telefax Speedy Hair Blacking Cream provides an answer to the grey hair problem and avoids the pitfalls of the above conventional hair dyes. This revolutionary product does not contain harsh chemicals like phenylenediamine, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, or lead. It is a mild progressive hair blackening cream that can gently turn gray hair into natural and youthful looking dark brown color. Simply apply some Telefax Speedy Hair Blacking Cream onto grey hair, comb and leave it on. There is no fear of dripping and no need of subsequent shampooing. Repeat daily for about a week until a desired dark color is reached. Then use it every few days to maintain the youthful dark hair color. Telefax has been around for many years and has been shown to be safe and allergy-free. The darkening process is so gradual and natural that nobody would notice that you are using a hair darkening product. This is indeed an ideal product for dynamic people who demand both a natural look and the least application time.

Telefax Speedy Hair Blacking Cream is a new generation product evolved from Telefax Super Hair Blacking Cream. It is a result of years of study by an American scientist. Not only it possesses all the benefits of Telefax Super Hair Blacking Cream, it also provides the following:

1. Turns grey/white hair into more vibrant dark color.
2. Protects more healthy hair growth, reduces bacteria growth.
3. Speeds up the hair darkening effect.

Since its debut into the market, Telefax Speedy Hair Blacking Cream is welcome by younger consumers who have grey hair problems.