Hazel Ginseng Hair Tonic

Hair loss (Alopecia) happens when hardened sebum and dirt on the scalp block the hair follicles. A clean, healthy scalp is essential for the preservation of hair. Hazel Ginseng Hair Tonic is specially formulated to dissolve sebum and provide nutrients to young hairs to promote their healthy growth. Ingredients are also added to prevent hair damage and control dandruff. It can also serve as a hair grooming lotion. Continual use of this multiple action hair tonic will promote a head of stronger and fuller hair.

Directions: After shampooing and drying, apply Hazel Ginseng Hair Tonic to the scalp and hair and massage vigorously for a few minutes. Use every morning as a hair grooming agent. When using other hair styling products, apply it on hair shafts only. Do not use on an abraded scalp. For external use only. If solution gets in eyes, ears nose or mouth, rinse immediately with cold water. Shampoo with mild shampoo only. Contents flammable. Do not store or use near flame or when smoking. Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients : SD alcohol-40, water, panthenol, allantoin, fennel extract, ginseng extract, inositol, sodium-PCA, glycerine, benzethonium chloride, polysorbate-20, dimethicone-copolyol, PVP-VA, extracts of rosemary, colver blossom, nettle, yarrow, birch sap, birch leaf, horse tail, sage, propylene glycol, calcium pantothenate, PEG-75 lanolin, cysteine hydrochloride, hydrolysed muao polysaccharides, fragrance.