Company Profile

Kok Siang Marketing Pte Ltd has its roots in a humble beginning. In 1993, founder Ng Kok Siang started as an agent for Horizon International Cosmetics distributing hair care products. Thereafter, he began to distribute pharmaceutical products as well, a task in which he has dedicated many years of his life in.

After gathering years of experience through exposure and knowledge of a vast array of different pharmaceutical products, Kok Siang decided that he wanted to serve his customers better and bring his business to the next level – he decided to enter Research and Development in order to create new products that would appeal more to their needs.

He succeeded, coming up with hit products such as KS Herbal Slimming Tea, KS Sweet Buster Herbal Tea and many more. Kok Siang Marketing Pte Ltd has developed a huge, dedicated consumer base who will continue to introduce many more loyal and satisfied customers through positive word of mouth.

Today, the products that Kok Siang developed are still being used by many people who continue to benefit from them. Kok Siang is still dedicated to continue to develop more new products that are sure to help consumers live a healthier lifestyle by giving them more natural health care options and products and rapidly expanding in order to better serve.